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Where should I be buying a baby breathing monitor?

The first few weeks or months of a baby’s life are always exciting but slightly nervous times. Especially if you are a new parent, any subtle change in your baby’s state of being is analysed and often worried about. Of course, the main concern is that your baby is breathing fine. If you sleep in a different room to your new baby, then there is always the inclination to get up in the middle of the night and check that everything is ok.

Previously, the most advanced technology was simply an audio baby monitor that could hear if your baby was crying or sleeping soundly. However, now we have audio monitors, but also monitors that have video capabilities, that include the capability to assess the baby’s breathing.

And now, the challenge is to find the top rated baby monitors. If you’re going to invest in one, it might as well be the best on the market, right? We think so, and this article is dedicated to bringing you two superior digital baby monitor choices.

Due to the fact that this technology is fairly new, they are not the cheapest products in the world. With the first stages of a baby’s life expensive enough already, yet another cost is off putting for many people. However, this is technology that literally save your baby’s life. Once this type of product becomes more mainstream, it is feasibly the case that every family will have on as a matter of procedure. After all, there is no price on the safety of your child, and a wireless baby monitor can keep an eye on your child from elsewhere in the house or garden.

Increasingly, these products are long range baby monitors. This may not be quite so relevant if you live in a small apartment and are never more than a few feet away. However, I have read reviews of people who live on farms, and they are able to sort out what they need to from quite a distance. This feature is another reason why this type of product could become so popular. It also gives the parents increasing freedom during these hectic months. When your child is sleeping, there is nothing you can do, and it is important that parents can wind down too. Gladly, these baby video monitors ensure that parents can also get their rest while not neglecting any needs that their child may have.

Amazon is an invaluable resource not just for the products it sells, but also in this instance for the baby monitor reviews it provides. It is so useful to hear from existing parents about why they have found the product useful, and occasionally, why they think it is not. Included in both product reviews will be links to the Amazon website for you to see for yourself. We have spent time finding the best baby video monitors, and we hope that whatever product you go for, it makes a difference to the life of your baby and your role as parent.


Review of Safe to Sleep and Breathing Baby Monitor

Reduced by an astonishing $200, this Safe to Sleep baby monitor wifi is a really great deal. It is a sleeping mat for your baby, clinically proven to calculate your baby’s breath with the same accuracy of a hospital monitor. If your baby spent longer than usual in hospital after the birth, a product like this will give you the confidence of hospital standards when you are at home. Wherever your baby is sleeping, whether it be at home or abroad, you simply need to carry the mat with you and you will be able to receive live updates on the breathing pattern. To see the Amazon link, click here:

A tech blanket that doesn’t sacrifice on comfort

For the baby, having a soft and comforting blanket is imperative. It will be their first blanket and so it should be something they like sleeping on! It is waterproof and anti-microbial, ensuring that any minor spillages are quickly resolved. Importantly for the baby, it is also super soft!

More technology than our childhood

Needless to say, these are products with technological sophistication that we could not imagine when we were children. Fibre optic technology is used as a sensing mechanism, monitoring nuanced sleeping patterns and alerting you on your smartphone. They have an app that is easy to download, and even easier to use. It’s well designed, and makes your job as a parent just that bit easier.

Specifications of the baby movement monitor

  • Size: 5 x 26.2 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Origin: China
  • Batteries required
  • Price: $99.99 – includes free US shipping

Reports from the customers

With 58% of customers rating this product with a 5 out of 5 star rating, this is a very well thought of product. For parents who are very concerned about their baby, this product gives peace of mind and being able to monitor the child’s breathing in the first few days is a level of technology that has not been available to previous generations. It is a technologically up to date product, and customers have enjoyed using the app to monitor the baby remotely.

On the negative side, some reviewers have said that the product actually works too well and the baby alarm goes off when there is only a slight variation in the child’s breathing. I suppose there is always a danger with products like these that they either are under sensitive or over sensitive. However, in the fragile first days in a baby’s life, it is undoubtedly better to be too sensitive than not enough.

This is a good product, and due to the fact that it is now discontinued for by the manufacturer, is a very good price at less than a hundred dollars – it is one of the cheap baby monitors! For the link to this heavily discounted product, click here:


Review of Snuza Trio Plus Baby Monitor System – Movement Tracking, Room Temperature Display

This snuza product is a three in one baby monitor. It is more of a video monitor baby product than the previous one, with infrared vision for night time and two way audio that allows you to speak to your baby. Sometimes, a gentle word from Mom and the baby is back to sleep in no time. If it detects that the baby has not been breathing for fifteen seconds, it will vibrate gently in order to encourage breathing to resume. An alarm goes off after twenty seconds if the baby continues not to breathe to give you an opportunity to react.

For a quick look at the product, follow the link here:


The best baby monitor camera

What is so impressive about this product is the quality of the camera. Whether it is day or not, you will be able to see a crystal clear image of your baby – hopefully sleeping soundly! It is this feature that separates it from other products on the market – and makes the price of $289.99 a price worth paying for.

Adjust the room temperature with ease

One of the biggest discomforts for baby’s during the night is they are either cold or overheated. With this product, you can change the temperature of the room from wherever you are! This means that your baby will generally sleep for longer, and you won’t get as many piercing calls in the middle of the night! For parents with particularly sleep challenging babies, this is a real advantage and can make such a difference to the first few months of a baby’s life!

Specifications of the product

  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Size: 9.8 x 4.5 x 9.6
  • Display type: digital
  • Maximum indoor range: 50 metres
  • Handheld display size: 3.5 inches
  • Batteries required
  • Price: $289.99

What the customers are saying

With over 70% of customers rating this all 5 stars, there are many people who consider this product to be worth the money. This camera baby monitor is fast developing into a must need for all families, particularly with parents who have more concerns than most about their child. One customer even mentioned that she can now get much more work done as a mother. She can work downstairs while their child is having a sleep and just check the monitor occasionally to see that everything is still ok.

In terms of things to be aware of, a review mentioned that the battery on the monitor is not that strong and so needs to be plugged in to use. Another mentioned that the night time camera was just in black and white – I don’t think a colour night camera exists yet!

This is a premium product and has made a difference to so many parents already. If you would like some more information, head to the Amazon page now:

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