How to Change Laptop Screen to Touch Screen?

Converting normal screen to touch screen can be done by installing one of many kits available. These kits contain a clear screen overlay to put over the monitor and another cable type that plugs into your computer. The touch screen overlay is the same size of the computer monitor and it is installed over the monitor in the monitor case. In this article, you will find how to change laptop screen to touch screen.

How to change laptop screen to touch screen?

The best option for those in need of a cheap tablet comes from company pen and free. They have come up with a peripheral device that will get you the touch screen. It has been dubbed duo and it sprinkles touch screen features to any monitor it happens to get attached to. The device will be coupled to the monitor on one of its sides. It will be plugged via USB.

There will be entire companies that offer a wide range of conversion products. Shopping with them will get you the Add-on magic touch screen kit to instantly convert any monitor. It is a notebook into a touch screen device and a solution to make your own interactive whiteboard.

If you are looking for a professional solution and want to buy a readymade touch screen then you should consider cycle touch. This is one of the leading high-quality touch screen panels in the world. The users will try and purchase a touch screen sensor kit and attempt test integration with their monitors.

If you are really interested in this solution then you can give the exact dimension of your laptop and get a micro touch suitable for your laptop.  On the website you will find detailed instruction on how to make your laptop a touch screen.

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