How to Convert Laptop to Touch Screen?

Windows 8 Microsoft is new touchscreen operating system that will run just fine on PC that is designed for windows 7. You will not be able to take some advantage of the new touch capabilities that OS enables unless you scrap your existing PC and then upgrade to a new computer. In this article, you will find how to convert the laptop to touch screen.

How to convert your laptop to touch screen?

The technology has made its way to the United States. Yifang was showing off several versions of the Touch8 that including a USB-powered model and one that used wireless technology. An account development manager with the digital pen business unit within Yifang and the company is attempting to license the technology to accessory vendor Targus that is marketing a similar device known as the touch Pen.

The touch8 system and the touch pen as well both use a receiver that mounts to one side of your screen. The combination of ultrasonic and infrared beams that detects the stylus soft and orienting it on the screen. The touch8 learns the boundaries of the available touchscreen real estate. The stylus itself will require the power but it will be used for 500 hours without replacing the small that power it.

The system accommodates up to 15.6-inch displays that make the touch8 suitable for a notebook or a small desktop monitor. This is magnetically clipped to the side of the notebook and recalibrated every time the notebook is closed. You will have to suffer through some inconveniences to eliminate others.

Enabling touch swiping works fine and single touch gestures that are seemed to work as advertised. Now, the Touch8 works best for drawing, swiping and other single mode uses. If you want to use windows 8 properly then you have to do something.

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