How to Convert LCD TV to Touch Screen?

Smartphone have affected the way the world thinks and moves. Touchscreens are no longer found only in mobile phones. There might be a way to convert your home screen to a fancy touch screen. There is not enough space behind the front bezel and the LCD chassis for the touch screen sensor and the touch screen controller to fit in. In this article, you will read about how to convert LCD TV to touch screen.

How to convert LCD TV touch screen?

The touch screen device only offers one level. PreCursor aims to change the touch screen by adding it to a different level. With this help of two cameras and an infrared laser, precursor creates a virtual layer parallel and in front of the computer screen. The user will not necessarily need t touch the screen in order to generate an action above the monitor and the gestures are translated into actions.

When precursor passes the testing phase and becomes a technology available for the masses and the computer screens will be able to get more flexibility than the existing touch screens. One of the new features includes the recognition of the gestures that even the high-end tablets and Smartphone will not offer. There is now an invisible mouse and the technology interprets the hand movements and translates them into cursor movements and mouse actions.

Turning a monitor into a touch screen is not an easy task to do if you don’t know the solutions. A better idea will be to go for a touchscreen all in one computer. Many solutions to make your monitor a touch screen are still products. If you really want to go full touch then there are already solutions you will have to try them.

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