How to Convert Normal Monitor to Touch Screen?

Electromagnetic interference can screw up the cell phone and radio reception but it also is the key to cheaply transforming normal monitor into a touch screen. A group of researchers developed a method called uTouch that uses a simple sensor and software to turn an ordinary LCD into a touch screen display.

How to convert normal monitor to touch screen?

This system takes advantages of the low levels of electromagnetic interference produced by many consumer electronics and harnessing it to do things like control the video playback with pokes and motions on a non-interactive screen. All these devices around you have all these signals coming out of them. Touch screens are the norm on Smartphone’s and tablets and they are still not common on TVs, computer monitors and other big displays.

There will be existing methods that turn passive LCD into touch screen typically use cameras but they are not always practical. It can be used cheaply add touch and gesture interactions to TV, computer and larger displays. This method works by measuring signals that are normally given off by an LCD display and they change when a user brings a hand near the screen.

There will be information about how the user actions changed the LCD electromagnetic interference by the sensor and then sent to a connected PC where software isolated the display signal. Once the touch was determined it will elicit an appropriate on-screen response like pausing.

The technology will not make a non-interactive display as touch sensitive as an iPhone and android Smartphone. The gestures are simpler than the complex swipes and pinches will make on those gadgets. Some of the uTouch colleagues explored in an earlier called light wave that uses a plug-in sensor to enable compact light bulbs.

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