How to Convert TV to touch screen?

Are you tired of constantly squinting on your phone while playing subway surfers? How would it like on a giant touch screen as large as your TV? Good news on this front as now you can convert your TV into a giant touch sensor and then play games and do stuff. The touch jet wave as the inventors that have named it and works on screen sizes ranging from just 20 inches to 80 inches.

Convert your TV into a big touch screen:

The technology behind this idea is the use of infrared sensing that will make touch movements possible. It will be used with any television with an HDMI port and basically every TV that will be coming nowadays. The project will be currently on crowd funding site and it attracts some excellent reviews throughout. The users have to calibrate the device at first by placing some points in the right direction.

The users can play any kind of games and apps that are available on android on the giant screen. You have to be prepared to have some serious fun when you get used to it. You can also use the screens to make giant drawings that were impossible in your tiny smart screens. It comes with a stylus that can be used to sketch and draw.

With the new technology, you are better off using your own finger because nothing beats the natural flow of the finger. The touch jet wave is portable set up and extreme fun means that there is no need to convert an insane amount of money to large touch screens when you can have this incredible attachment. So if you want to experience then it feels like to own a giant touch screen.

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