How to Turn your TV to Touch Screen?

You can prevent having to get up by controlling the TV right from your Smartphone or tablet by using the touch jet wave. This is an entertainment gadget that turns any television into a touch screen smart TV. This sits on top of the television and that allows the users to stream any movie or TV show from the popular streaming services, read the news, post to social media, listen to music and search for things online.

How to turn TV to touch screen?

Some apps like Netflix will be installed on the device and others like angry birds can be downloaded from the Google play store and played on the TV screen. This device enhances game play at home and turning any TV screen into a tablet but it can also be used in the workplace.

The touch jet wave can be utilized to show the interactive 3D models at the office with its app that allows users to display files, photos, and video from a handled device to the TV. To work the touch jet wave then it must be plugged into an HDMI port on the television and that are placed on top of the screen with the channel turned to HDMI.

The wave will use infrared sensors to detect finger movements and transforming a standard TV into an android tablet. The infrared stylus will be included but it will cost extra for an air mouse. Touch jet is crowd funded the world’s first touch screen projector and shipping thousands of units worldwide. You are also buying an android PC that upgrades your TV to allow a host of apps that you can control from your Smartphone. The main thing to remember is that the pre-order price.

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